Taveuni Palms Tropical Island Smoothies


All fresh fruits are organically grown and available seasonally.


Taveuni Palms Paradiso: A mixture of fresh tropical island fruits and homemade ice-cream.


Banana and Honey Smoothie: Sweet island banana, yoghurt, honey and crushed ice.


Mango Smoothie: Fresh island mango, yoghurt, honey and ice.


Papaya Smoothie: Papaya, banana, yoghurt, lime and crushed ice.


Island Chill: Mango juice and strawberry with lots of crushed ice.


Taveuni Chill: Banana, pineapple and passion fruit juice with lots of crushed ice.


Tropical Chill: Pineapple and Mango juice with lots of crushed ice.


Chocolate Colada: Coconut Milk, chocolate ice cream and vanilla.


Island Shake: Banana, Chocolate or vanilla made with lots of homemade ice cream.


Chocolate Chill: Peanut butter, chocolate and more chocolate blended with ice cream.


Bula Float: Coke, sprite or pineapple soda loaded with ice cream.