Taveuni Palms Lunch Menu


Soup of the day: Please ask for today’s special served with homemade garlic bread


Wahoo Fish Tacos: White fish marinated in a secret sauce and then topped with lettuce, carrot, tomato, and cheese and wrapped into our freshly made tortillas. Served with papaya lime salsa. Let us know if you like a little spice!


Fresh Fish of the day Sandwich: Grilled catch of the day topped with our own homemade coconut basil pesto and served with our homemade bread rolls.


Chicken Wrap: Poached chicken and island salad all wrapped into a freshly made tortilla. Served with papaya lime salsa, pineapple chutney, or sweet chilli sauce.


Quesadilla-a-la-teila: Fresh homemade roti layered with a blend of cheeses, tomato, basil, bele(Fijian spinach), garlic and onion. Spiced to savory excellence.


Sesame Chicken Salad: Fresh greens topped with grilled chicken, toasted sesame seeds and our own sesame seed dressing.


Papaya and Prawn Salad: topped with homemade curry mayo


Grilled Fish Salad: Locally caught fish, fresh greens topped with a papaya seed dressing.


Bird of Paradise Salad: Chicken, tropical fruits and salad served in a half pineapple.


Garlic Chicken Pasta: Angel hair pasta tossed in a light herb sauce with spinach, tomato, garlic, onions, capsicum and marinated chicken.


Fish Burger: Locally caught fresh fish lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection, topped with blackened pineapple, cheese, tomato and lettuce. Served on a freshly baked bun with homemade fries and chutney dips.


Beef/Chicken Burger: Grilled to perfection, topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo and mustard. Served on a freshly baked bun with homemade fries and ketchup.


Island Curries: Your choice of chicken, fish, lamb, beef or vegetable curry made Fijian style with coconut cream or Indian style with spices. Served with roti, rice and chutneys.


Fijian Pizza: Homemade roti crust topped with tomato, basil and garlic sauce with your choice of toppings.