Taveuni Palms Breakfast Menu


Pacific Muesli: Homemade muesli served with yoghurt and Fresh Island fruits.


Fresh Fruit Salad: Tropical island fresh fruits served with yoghurt and freshly grated coconut.


Island spiced porridge: A delicious blend of sweet spices, oats and coconut cream topped with tropical fruit.


Teilacakes: Crepe style banana pancakes served with maple syrup.


Coconut Banana Flapjacks: A hearty stack of thick traditional pancakes laced with fresh shavings of coconut, banana slices and maple syrup.


Panikeke: A Danish style pancake with a Fijian twist, served with papaya, cinnamon or sugar syrup.


Mango French toast: French toast dipped in a mango, vanilla and egg. Topped with fresh mango slices (seasonal) and syrup.


Bula Wrap: Scrambled Eggs with diced tomato, onions and peppers and a secret blend of spiceŐs sautŽed to perfection and wrapped in a roti. (Indian style flour tortilla).


3 egg Omelet: Filled with cheese, tomato, basil, spinach, onions, chillies, bacon or sausage. Served with toast.


Eggs Bula-dict: Our own version of this classic piled high with bacon, egg and lime Hollandaise sauce.


Eggs any style: served with your choice of bacon, sausage, tomato and toast.


Homemade Toast: served with boiled egg, tomato and basil.


Homemade specialty breads: ChefŐs selection of banana, papaya, coconut scones, muffins, or cinnamon rolls. Served with a fresh fruit platter.


Tea, coffee, juices, toast, jam and a fruit platter are all served with breakfast